Applying A Spray On Bed Liner

If you are relying on your truck for doing commercial purposes, then it is completely normal to expect that it'll last long. You want to depend on your truck in getting you through big projects without the tear and wear that you know could be a product of heavy duty work. One thing that you might not have considered yet is on how advantageous it is to invest in a spray on bed liner for your truck.


Protecting your truck's bed is relatively easy and requires some simple steps. In just a few minutes, you won't have just protected your truck bed but saved yourself serious sum of cash by applying industrial coating manufacturers on your own to the truck.


Step number 1. Wash the truck bed - make use of water and soap in cleaning off the debris that might have interfered with the truck lining following to the surface of truck bed. There are a lot of people who are using scrubby sponge or you may make use of a sponge mop in case that your truck bed is quite large.


Step number 2. Scuff sand the truck bed - by doing this, it allows the rubber and epoxy to mix to stick to the bed and create a bit of rough surface.


Step number 3. Remove all tar and wax - you can get this done by making use of specially formulated chemical that's designed to get rid of traces of wax and tar. Even if the truck is brand new, there might be waxy layer that's applied to the truck from the dealership to make it look more appealing visually. Applying a layer of primer to rusty spots will ensure that there will be no further damage that may occur after the spray on bed liner is applied.


Step number 4. Mix two components - most kits normally come with an activator and a base. Mix thoroughly these two by using an electric paint mixer or paint stick. Let the mixture to sit for around 15 minutes before applying it to surface.


Step number 5. Application - apply the two coats of paint. Let the 1st to dry for around 30 minutes prior to applying the 2nd coat. You should be careful not to over apply the mixture in one area because doing so would cause running that'll not guarantee the effectiveness of your professional industrial coating. Let the truck to dry completely prior to using it.