Spray on Bedliners and How You Can Be Able to Avoid the Mess

The paint on the bed is an easy way that you can change the look of your truck.  When you are installing the do it yourself bed liner for your truck there are steps that you can use to guide you on the right way to do it and avoid the messes.


The first thing you do is ensure that you are using the right industrial coating contractors. You can either roll on a liner, or you can also spray on a coating, the tools that you require include the paint cleaner for the preparations, sandpaper, and also the masking tape. Another requirement is the rollers and some disposable brushes. The next step is choosing the paint. The truck bed in the paint is a polyurethane material that contains some texture. The texture material is some rubber material. You can either use the plastic-kote, herculiner, or the buplicolor. It looks great and also sticks well. The paint is stored and is available in gallon cans and the spray cans; you have a variety of colors that you can choose from if you use the Herculiner paint, as it has a variety of colors, not just black.


The other step is the preparation process which is important to the success of the spray on bedliner. When you have the right tools and the paint in place, then the preparation process is next, like with any other painting the truck painting requires careful preparations so that you can get the right results. It can take some time, but you have to follow the steps.  Start by cleaning the truck bed with the paint cleaner solvent. The solvent can be purchased from the auto parts stores, scratch the old paint thoroughly and completely so that the new coating will stick, use the rough sand paper to scratch and clean completely and remove any existing finish.


After this wash all the residue out and leave the bed to dry. The next step is to mask all the areas that you don't want to be touched by the paint and once done you are ready to start the process. Ensure that the paint is well mixed during the preparation process. After this the actual coating is easier, you can use either the roller, brush or you can spray the paint. The process is not complicated, and it is easy and quick to do. Start with the front side as you move backward, always remember the thicker, the better.  Give the paint several days to dry so that it can stick properly and improve the look of your truck.